Sunday, 10 October 2010

Hip Hop Connection #7 (August 1989)

Just over six months since I last posted up any HHC scans so I think it's about that time again.

Issue seven of the self proclaimed 'Bible of Hip-Hop' is pretty solid throughout, including interviews with Silver Bullet, The Beastie Boys, Ice Cube, MC Duke and a nice track-by-track breakdown of 'Ghetto Music: The Blueprint Of Hip-Hop' by the Blastmaster himself. I've included Normski's snaps again as there's a few good'uns in there, the Big Daddy Kane shot in particular made me laugh! 'Strictly Business' gives news of Demon Boyz parting ways with Music Of Life as well as a Roland R5 Drum Machine up for grabs in the competition. Page 5 features the lyrics from the LL Cool J Flexidic which came free with this issue but unfortunately I no longer own this and have absolutely no idea what happened to it. If anybody reading this does have a copy and could send over a scan it would be much appreciated.

A few decent adverts appear throughout the pages, my favourite being for Gang Starr's debut LP 'No More Mr Nice Guy' which came (in The UK) with a free 'Movin On' 12" and was priced at an amazing £3.99!!!

As always, you can click the thumbnails for super-size, readable scans...


'Strictly Business' / LL Cool J

Breaks list

Silver Bullet

Boogie Down Productions

Ice Cube


MC Duke

Beastie Boys


Hurk said...

Cheers for posting this up, it's made me simultaneously glad and sad.

hotasballs said...

Cheers Krum, top scans fella

Lovin the shot of Cash Money doin some in-store, shame no one gotta shot of Cash givin his Manager a diggin....Wasnt that why they split up?

And that shot of Duke covers all bases for the cunt-eyed hipsters doin their best to do pull off the sartorial look, bloody trendys !

MCM, Cazals and an African pendant, I dare em to try and rock that entire look now, eh...

Top man